Shipping prices

We ship worldwide. However, we do not send glass frames (they must be picked up in our store) - but rail frames can shipped in the same package as the posters. We ship to the countries below, if your country is not on the list below, write to and we will look into it.

If you are sending to a non-EU country, be aware that local VAT and customs duties may be charged by the local authorities.

  • Free Shipping in Denmark on orders above 799 DKK
  • Free Shipping Worldwide on orders above 1,999 DKK (~320 USD / ~270 EUR)



Price Price in EUR ** Price in USD **
Denmark (parcel shop) 49 DKK
Denmark (home delivery) 75 DKK
Australia225 DKK~30 EUR~36 USD
Austria159 DKK~22 EUR~26 USD
Belgium90 DKK~12 EUR~15 USD
Brazil225 DKK~30 EUR~36 USD
Bulgaria159 DKK~22 EUR~26 USD
Canada225 DKK~30 EUR~36 USD
Chile299 DKK~40 EUR~48 USD
China149 DKK~20 EUR~24 USD
Croatia159 DKK~22 EUR~26 USD
Cyprus229 DKK~31 EUR~37 USD
Czech Republic149 DKK~20 EUR~24 USD
Estonia159 DKK~22 EUR~26 USD
Faroe Islands249 DKK~34 EUR~40 USD
Finland100 DKK~14 EUR~16 USD
France90 DKK~12 EUR~15 USD
Germany85 DKK~12 EUR~14 USD
Greece229 DKK~31 EUR~37 USD
Greenland219 DKK~30 EUR~35 USD
Hong Kong225 DKK~30 EUR~36 USD
Hungary159 DKK~22 EUR~26 USD
Iceland229 DKK~31 EUR~37 USD
India199 DKK~27 EUR~32 USD
Ireland159 DKK~22 EUR~26 USD
Israel299 DKK~40 EUR~48 USD
Italy159 DKK~22 EUR~26 USD
Japan199 DKK~27 EUR~32 USD
Jersey299 DKK~40 EUR~48 USD
Kazakhstan299 DKK~40 EUR~48 USD
Latvia159 DKK~22 EUR~26 USD
Lithuania159 DKK~22 EUR~26 USD
Luxembourg90 DKK~12 EUR~15 USD
Malaysia199 DKK~27 EUR~32 USD
Malta229 DKK~31 EUR~37 USD
Mexico299 DKK~40 EUR~48 USD
Montenegro229 DKK~31 EUR~37 USD
Netherlands90 DKK~12 EUR~15 USD
New Zealand225 DKK~30 EUR~36 USD
Norway259 DKK~35 EUR~42 USD
Philippines225 DKK~30 EUR~36 USD
Poland90 DKK~12 EUR~15 USD
Portugal159 DKK~22 EUR~26 USD
Romania159 DKK~22 EUR~26 USD
Russia199 DKK~27 EUR~32 USD
Saudi Arabia299 DKK~40 EUR~48 USD
Singapore249 DKK~34 EUR~40 USD
Slovakia159 DKK~22 EUR~26 USD
Slovenia159 DKK~22 EUR~26 USD
South Africa299 DKK~40 EUR~48 USD
South Korea149 DKK~20 EUR~24 USD
Spain159 DKK~22 EUR~26 USD
Sweden95 DKK~13 EUR~16 USD
Switzerland249 DKK~34 EUR~40 USD
Taiwan299 DKK~40 EUR~48 USD
Thailand199 DKK~27 EUR~32 USD
Turkey229 DKK~31 EUR~37 USD
Ukraine225 DKK~30 EUR~36 USD
United Arab Emirates249 DKK~34 EUR~40 USD
United Kingdom249 DKK~34 EUR~40 USD
United States225 DKK~30 EUR~36 USD

*) Order below £ 135 to the UK, sent as "Delivered Duty Paid (DDP)", where Curated Copenhagen settles VAT.
Order over £ 135 to the UK, sent as "Delivered At Place (DAP)", where VAT etc. charged and settled between you as the buyer and the UK customs when the package is introduced in the UK.

**) The price in a currency other than Danish kroner (DKK), depends on the current exchange rate and is displayed upon checkout.